Notes from a Privileged Young Adult In the US

If I couldn't plan for a stable life 6 months from now...

I probably wouldn't have much motivation at school.
I wouldn't stand a chance interviewing at my top-choice job opportunities.
I would second guess every important milestone with my significant other.
I wouldn't have been able to commit to the mandatory 1-year commitment to my apartment.
I wouldn't hang photos, buy throw pillows, or buy a new mattress to sleep on.
I wouldn't be able to book a trip abroad to watch my sister get married.
I wouldn't be able to plan on attending next summer's road trip with my best friends.
I wouldn't know what would come of my ongoing medical condition and how to care for it elsewhere.
I wouldn't be building the best version of myself
I would no longer trust that I was capable of whatever I set my mind to.
I wouldn't be able to understand how circumstance throws me so far from my peers.
I wouldn't be able to understand why I'm being cheated out of the big stuff– and the little stuff too.
I wouldn't feel like I belonged here.
I wouldn't feel like I belonged anywhere else.
I wouldn't be the best version of myself.
I wouldn't really be able to dream.


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