Spruce Up Any Kid's Room

4 Tips & Tricks for DIY fun and color

Hey–we love sandy color schemes and white on white on white as much as the next amateur interior deco enthusiast, but the truth is that decorating kids rooms and play-rooms should ABSOLUTELY be approached with a little more pizazz. Here are some tips and tricks to fun, DIY, interactive interior fashion that won't break the bank, because we all know it can be a little bit soul-crushing to pour time and money into rainbow floor mats and unicorn wall art they'll grow out of before you get around the getting anything framed.

1. Repurpose

Is your kiddos new favorite color neon green? Sparkly pink? Rainbow?It can be fun to repurpose old furniture to create their "dream" room at just a fraction of the price, even if that dream will only last a month or two. Check on Facebook marketplace, Craigslist free section, and neighborhood garage sales for dirt-cheap furniture options perfect for furniture spray-painting their favorite color this year. The best part? You can change it up whenever they've got a new favorite and you've got an extra day of spray-painting energy in you. It won't look perfect, but hey– it'll brighten their world and won't break the bank.

2. TWO WORDS: magnetic chalkboard.

You can buy one or DIY one, but either way, this is a perfect addition to any kids room. It provides a reusable creative canvas, a place to decorate for fun events such as "Amy's 1st of school!" or "Happy Birthday Jonas." Making sure it's magnetic will only add to the fun. You can add letters and magnetic toys such as the My Family Builders magnetic wooden set that allows for toys that are not only interactive but decorative and (hopefully) stay off of the floor.

 3. Commission an artist (hint: it's one that lives under your roof).

Get a big roll of butcher paper or some large poster boards, some paint, any arts and crafts materials you have lying around the house, and even some glitter if you're willing to handle the clean-up. Put on some music, prep some snacks, and start a big art day. They'll paint, spill, create, restart, get bored, need to eat, need a bath, want to restart, take a break...you get the picture. But hopefully, by the end of the day, you'll have some beautiful, big works of art ready to frame and hang on a wall. You choose the frames, they'll create what's inside. It's the best way to make their artistic chaos look like it's part of a well-executed kid's room.

4. Surround them with friends and family.

If there's still room on the wall, choose a few favorite photos of your family's favorite people to frame or pin/magnet on the board. Surround them with the people that love them, people they'll look up to, and people that have been instrumental in getting your family to where it is today. Smiles, laughing, poses– anything goes, and we KNOW there is a lot of material stored up on your phone and cloud storage. It may inspire stories of grandma, help them recognize family they don't see often enough, or open their minds to the many types of people that are sure to come into their lives.

 Image credits: etikaprojects.com 


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