Thirty-Two Piece Set.



The toy that empowers children to explore a world of possibilities and build all kinds of modern families.

• Create one-of-a-kind characters and families, with over 1000 possible combinations.
• Great conversation starter for parents and educators to talk about diversity and love.
• A perfect gift for all families, teachers, and schools.
• Ages 1 to 99.
Build to last! Kid proof, can take a solid beating.

MyFamilybuilders toys safety tested

Includes: 32 Handcrafted magnetic wooden blocks that come in 12 sizes: 8 adults heads, 8 kids heads, 4 big bodies, 4 small bodies, 4 big legs, 4 small legs; 3 blocks (head, body, and legs) make up a character.

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Kimberly M.

Fun toys to play with!

We got this for the preschool program at our school. Once the box was opened, the kids dove right in and played with this little figures. We will be using them during our school Ally Week when we talk about diversity people and how to be a good friend to all. Quality product that held up to a lot of little hands.

Mari V.

For all the single mamas!

So one thing thats hard about being a single mom is that nothing is the toy and book world represents your family... like I can find a book about two dads or two moms wayyyy before I find a book about a single mom... so I was looking for representation so my baby can know that our kind of family well is still a family... and that love makes a family... so thank you My Family Builders for not only letting my toddler see our family represented but any kind of family represented! We got our blocks and we have been playing with them and even brang them to a playgroup and had to literally tear the blocks away from the other kids when we were leaving. The toddlers love the clicking sound, the light wooden blocks, and the bright colors on each block... thank you for including us in your definition of family!!! Heres to all families being represented regardless of gender, race or size.

Ailsa L.

Best Toy for today's generation

I bought the MFB Thirty-Two Piece Set for my son's daycare as there was little diversity within the school. As a single Mum I wanted to give the children in his class and school an opportunity to see that family dynamics and differences truly don't matter as we are all human. Mix and matching families, heads and bodies gives them exploratory time. This toy was PERFECT. Thank you MyFamilyBuilders, for making this product.

J S.

My Family Builder for Fun

Coolest idea to celebrate real diversity! We cannot wait to bring more home to Madrid, Spain when we see you in San Francisco in June!

Eleanor B.

My Family Builders, 32 piece set

I found MFB while at a early childhood conference back in November, NAEYC. I immediately bought a set, not yet know who this perfect gift would be for. Since, I have shared it with multiple families, passing the treasure box of dolls between different houses. My hopes are that my school will be able to purchase a few sets in the future. The diversity, the ease, the fine motor skills development, the language development, and the social-emotional development, the love for people- are just a few things that make these dolls so special.



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