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The New Happy Family Card Game is both fun and educational, providing teachable moments on topics such as race, cultural diversity, inclusion, and stereotypes. The game features characters of all ages, cultures, ethnicities, and genders to illustrate that families come in different forms and observe various customs. It's a great way to learn about and appreciate the differences that exist within our society.

Number of Players: This game can be enjoyed by 2 to 4 players, making it a perfect choice for family gatherings or playdates.
Card Composition: The game consists of 42 full-color cards that are engaging and encourage conversations about individuality, gender roles, and empathy.
Game Objective: The objective of the game is to collect as many complete families as possible. The player who collected the most sets of families at the end of the game wins.
Educational Benefits: The New Happy Family Card Game promotes life skills such as teamwork, sorting, counting, and interpersonal communication. It helps children to learn about differently-abled people, multiracial families, and gender fluidity through the experiences of parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles.
Age Range: Suitable for ages 4 and up.


How to Play: 
1- Distribute 7 cards to each player, leaving the remaining cards face down in a pile in the center.
2- Each player then sorts her cards into families without showing them to the other players.
3- The first player, who is chosen arbitrarily, starts the game by asking another player if he has a specific card needed to complete a family. If the other player has it, he must give it to her. The player who is asking for a card from a specific family must already hold at least one card from that specific family.
4- As soon as a player collects all 5 cards of a family, she must say “family!” and show it to the group. The game continues until a player has no cards left in her hands. The player who collected the most sets of families at the end of the game wins!
5- If the questioned player does not have the card, the first player must pick a card from the pile. If the drawn card is the one asked for, the one who drew the card shows it, says “lucky dip” and takes another turn. If the drawn card is not the one asked for, the one who drew the card keeps it and the next player takes a turn.

When there are no more leftover cards in the pile, the game continues without players getting new cards.

Enjoy the New Happy Family Card Game and create unforgettable memories!

Free printable game boards for teachers to use in the classroom. 

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Aileen R.
United States United States
High Quality Diverse Toys

Thank you so much My Family Builders for creating toys that look like our family and people around us. The look and feel of these toys are very high quality. I love that I don't need to buy two sets of toys to makeup our diverse family! The individual magnetic blocks allows my littles to build and be creative with the endless possibilities of people and outfits. My girls love playing with these toys!

Shannon V.
United States United States
Love this game

This game is wonderful. Our five year old loves it and so do we. Representation is so important. She immediately noticed and commented on some of the family structures and gender norms, which led to some great discussions. This is a must have to build tolerance and inclusivity!



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